Industrial ICT Laboratory

The IEIIT Industrial ICT Laboratory (I2LAB) is located in the main site of the Institute in Torino. Its primary goal is to provide a suitable environment and technical resources for developing, experimenting and testing advanced ICT solutions and technologies oriented to industrial applications.

The main areas of investigation in which the laboratory team is currently active are the following:

  • Industrial real-time networks (fieldbuses)
  • Industrial Ethernet
  • Wireless communications for industrial environments
  • Safe industrial communication systems
  • Real-time operating systems for industrial and embedded applications
  • Techniques and s/w tools for studying, analyzing and designing secure industrial networks and distributed systems

The laboratory team works in partnership with a number of large Italian companies and SMEs and has strategic cooperation with main manufacturers of IT devices and solutions for automation and process control in many application areas.

IEIIT I2LAB is a member of:

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