New Advanced Mechanical Systems For Flexible And Customized Production

Timeframe : 2009 - 2012

Main goals of FLEX-MECH are conceiving, studying and developing new production systems for car powertrain assembly, that are able to exhibit modular design, high flexibility, reliability and performance. FLEX-MECH technical activities focus on drastic improvements of the assembly processes, in order to achieve unequalled performance in the assembly of engines (cylinder head, short block, long block), transmissions (automatic and manual) and related components. One main issue is the reduction of development times and installation costs, in order to offer high added value to customers. The project is carried out in accordance with requirements of the major car manufacturers and Comau customers such as Fiat Powertrain Technologies, General Motors and Far East car producers. The new production systems will be designed to comply with a wide range of market and customers' needs, and will focus basically on the following topics:

  • New mechanical solutions for automotive assembly systems based on serial and parallel processes.
  • New methodologies and systems for quality control in assembly processes based on advanced monitoring devices.
  • New solutions for communications in manufacturing plants to improve their overall performance.
  • New technical solutions for environmentally friendly design of mechanical systems.
  • New solutions for grasping hand and actuation means in assembly systems based on smart materials.
  • Virtual validation and simulation tools.

The FLEX-MECH reaserch activities are carried out in the framework of the ICT Department Project Networks and Protocols for Automation and Process Control of the National Reasearch Council of Italy.

Keywords: Flexible production systems, Industrial communications, Wireless communications

Financial support by: Regione Piemonte (Italy)

Coordinator of the IEIIT unit in the project: Gianluca Cena