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Generic Evolutionary Control Knowledge-based Module

Timeframe : 2013-2014

The GECKO project proposes an adaptive control infrastructure based on control modules named GECKO Generic Evolutionary Control Knowledge-based mOdule.

The production environment is modelled as a community of autonomous, self-declaring, heterarchically collaborating Gecko modules encapsulated in the physical mechatronic equipment. GECKO gathers the information from the environment, reproduces an abstraction of the shopfloor and interprets the production dynamics. This allows evaluating, configuring and tuning the Gecko capabilities on the requirements by automatically activating the control functions and implementing resource production and energy efficiency optimization strategies over time.

The Gecko software infrastructure is conceived as a number of interoperable components representing the Gecko skills (communication, recognition, capability assessment, control and optimization).

The Gecko benefits will be demonstrated in the field of re-manufacturing of electronic components.

Keywords: control infrastructure, interactive cooperation, knowledge-based systems, manufacturing automation

Financial support by: National Research Council of Italy (Flagship Project "Factory of the Future")

Coordinator of the IEIIT unit in the project: Adriano Valenzano