Interdependency Modelling Tools and Simulation-Based Risk Assessment of ICT Critical Infrastructures Contingency Plans

Timeframe : December 2010 - November 2012

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The aim of the project is to define and develop a Methodology and Tools for a simulation based Risk Assessment of ICT Critical Infrastructures interdependencies and contingency plans. The Framework will provide instruments to model interdependencies among Critical Infrastructures, services and contingency plans using a common taxonomy. The Simulation & Risk assessment environment will supports the user to evaluate the efficiency of ICT emergency processes such as restoration and reconfiguration procedures, to optimize interdependent contingency plans in order to enhance the availability and robustness of ICT networks. A set of contingency plans will be analysed and evaluated in two complex scenarios taking into account both ICT intra-domain and cross-sector interdependencies.

Keywords: Prevention and Preparedness of Risks, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Risk Assessment, Security, Inter-dependency Modelling

Financial support by: European Union

Coordinator of the IEIIT unit in the project: Luca Durante