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Network Technologies for Automation

Timeframe : 2010-present

Goals of the project are studying, evaluating and testing new advanced technologies for automation networks, that can be of help in the design of high performance machines and plants for sweet and chocolate production.

In particular the project focuses on the following topics:
  • Industrial Ethernet networks: performance evaluation and measurement of equipment and components available off-the-shelf for interconnecting devices at the field level.
  • Safe industrial communication systems: study and evaluation of emerging technologies for safe communications in the factory.
  • Security of industrial networks: analysis of security properties of industrial networked systems by means of fully automatic and/or semi-automatic software tools.

The NEAT research activities are carried out in the framework of the ICT Department Project Networks and Protocols for Automation and Process Control of the National Research Council of Italy.

Keywords: industrial communications, safe industrial networks, industrial networks security

Financial support by: Ferrero SpA

Coordinator of the IEIIT unit in the project: Adriano Valenzano