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Small Scale, Open Source Systems

Timeframe : 2007 - present

Adopting real-time, open-source operating systems and protocol stacks can be very effective to reduce software development time and cost of small-scale embedded systems, given the ever increasing level of maturity of these components and the steady growth of the computing power and memory resources provided by modern microcontrollers. The goal of this project is to research how these concepts can be fruitfully applied in the industrial world, by means of case studies and development of actual products in cooperation with private research centers and companies.
The main applications considered so far include:
  • Real-time control of a gravimetric dosing equipment for plastics ingredients
  • Distributed environmental control of industrial ovens and their accessories
  • Remote, web-based management of industrial ovens

Keywords: Real-time operating systems, Open-source operating systems, Embedded Systems

Financial support by: Private companies

Coordinator of the IEIIT unit in the project: Ivan Cibrario Bertolotti