Real-Time And Embedded Systems

Reasearches on real-time operating systems, including those for multimedia applications, are oriented to define and develop suitable techniques for integrating different sets of heterogeneous applications into a single computing system. Applications, in this case, can have very different timing requirements. This occurs, for instance, in many modern devices for mobile video communications that must be able to run application tasks with tight real-time constraints, such as processes managing the interactions with the communication network, but also applications that can typically be found in the area of desktop computing, such as web browsers, e-mail clients and so on. From several points of view, the integration of all these types of applications and their execution by means of a single computing system offer significant advantages in terms of reduced costs and power saving as needed, in general, for any mobile device.

Reaserch activities on real-time and embedded systems are carried out in the framework of the ICT Department Project "Networks and Protocols for Automation and Process Control" of the National Reasearch Council of Italy.